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Teenage Suicide Each day 86 Americans take their own lives and another 1,500 attempts to do so. Even more disturbing is that suicide among a young people nation wide have increased dramatically in recent years. In fact thousands of teenagers each year commit suicide. It is the third leading cause of death among young adults aged 15-24. With the first two leading causes being unintentional injury and homicide. There are many reasons why teenagers feel the need to take their own life. They are at a time in their life where they are strongly feeling stress, confusion, self doubt, pressure to succeed, and other fears while growing. Among the probable causes of teenage suicide are family problems, stress, drug and alcohol abuse, and…show more content…
Violence in the home itself is worse. The home to adolescents is a place of comfort, if something is wrong at school, then home is where they can forget about it. But if there is violence occurring at the home, then children will not want to go there. This is the start of the buildup of pressure. Teenagers feel the pressure of maintaining good grades during school. If the adolescent is doing poorly in school, then he or she will feel the pressure to succeed and to do better in school work. Stress is a basis for most of the problems teenagers will encounter during high school and college. School work can be overwhelming especially for young adults. Schools are now issuing more assignments than usual to prepare students for the real world. Some teachers and Professors, however, do not realize the extremity of some of these assignments and projects. Most students, especially highschool students, have a full schedule. These students are in school from about eight in the morning to three in the afternoon. College can be just as bad. Even though most of the students are now in class for about a third of the time, the school work is probably more than doubled to that of a high school student. Many problems begin to occur at this stage in the life of the student. Since the pressure is on more then ever, many adolescents take comfort in the company of their friends. Friends during this time are extremely crucial for many reasons. The best being that

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