Teenage Suicide Is A Big Problem

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What started as a missing person, ended in tragedy. At the beginning of my freshman year at Hanover High, a student named John Smith*,(he was a year older than me) was missing. I knew who he was because his mom used to work with me in the learning center at Marion Cross, the elementary school in Norwich. He went missing sometime in October. Weeks went by, then months and then finally they found him. When they found him it was early March so the snow had melted and he was hanging from a tree in his backyard. When I came to school that day you could hear people talking about it. Teen suicide is a BIG problem. “Adolescent suicide continues to be a major cause of death of our youth. The National Center for Health Statistics (1996) has found suicide to be the 3rd leading cause of death for 15-24 year olds, behind only accidents and homicide and the tenth leading cause of death in children under the age of fifteen (Ellis & Lane, qtd in “Do Increasing Adolescent”. As stated by these facts, even though they are out of date, suicide is on the rise. Suicide is an important topic in my life; I lost a great uncle to suicide when I was little. He had COPD and didn’t want to go through the suffering that comes with that particular disease. It was tragic when my 80 year old great uncle committed suicide but it seems more tragic when teens at the beginning of their life commit suicide. In his article called “Teens Are Particularly at Risk for Suicide”, Michael Jellinek, gives us some
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