Teenage Wasteland

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Teenage Wasteland The teenagers I interviewed were all relatively affluent, by all appearances and their own admission, and this in and of itself created some differences between their perspectives and my own. In general, however, I think that the passage of time and the different values and perspectives of parents and of teenagers in the current era are more responsible for the changes in responses that I observed in the interview as opposed to what I myself might have said as a teenager in answer to the questions posed in the interview. What they liked about being a teenager was relative freedom while still being able to depend on their parents, and they disliked the rules and the amount of activities they had; they went on to mention "best things" that included things ranging from romantic partners to video games, and "worst things" that focused primarily on various aspects of school specific teachers, subjects, etc. I, on the other hand, would have said that my independence was what I liked the most about being a teenager, as this was the time in my life when my parents made it clear that I both would and should depend on them less for transportation, keeping myself organized, etc. I disliked the amount of responsibility I had to some degree, but all of my responsibilities were things of my own choosing and would have also represented the best thing in my life (the extracurricular activities that I chose to participate in). Today's teenagers seem to have very

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