Teenage Years

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The Teenage Years

Growing up is a hard process, especially for those who are experiencing their adolescent years. Everyone who has gone through this process agrees that these years have been some of the most awkward and strangest years of their lives; the ‘teen years’ is a period of time in which the majority of people tend to have rebellious and irresponsible behavior, where it’s easy to feel isolated and where everything bad that happens is the “end of the world”. Teenagers seem to hate everything around them; they seem to always “know what’s best” and to think of adults as fake and annoying due to their beliefs and their way of speaking. On the other hand, many adults do not know how to communicate to teenagers because they have
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Teens also have a lot of problems with teachers, as well as some parents, who they perceive as too strict, “annoying” and “old school”. Throughout the novel, The Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield represents a teenager with many of the same views and issues that are mentioned above. Holden is one of those ‘typical’ teenagers who believe that no one else in the world can understand their feelings or are going through the same thing. He does not have any real friends because he does not like anyone and his family doesn’t seem to understand him or know how to help him. Holden is a high-school student and he does not believe that school is going to help him in his life; he thinks that it’s phony and useless and therefore, he has no motivation to do well with his studies. Despite being a sharp guy, he was expelled from one school and is going to be expelled from another one because he is failing in all his subjects. Holden’s general idea towards his teachers is that most of them all just “act like teachers” and this reflects the way a lot of teens today think. Due to Holden’s anger and ‘hatred’ towards everything and everyone around him leads to isolation from the rest of the world.
Many adolescents share Holden's feelings towards life and, sadly, the most common way of
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