Teenage and Mass Communication on the Good Web

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The Good Web It was a gloomy Sunday when I walked into Dave’s room. He was lost deep in his thoughts sitting in front of his laptop. On the screen was an open webpage which had pictures of refugees from an African country. I wasn’t sure which country. He was so lost that he did not even realize my presence inside the room till I said, “Penny for your thoughts.” He was startled and turned around to look at me. He had the look of a person who had been deeply disturbed. “Hi Charley” he said without any enthusiasm. I have always known Dave as an outgoing friend and always kept himself and the others around him cheerful even during the worst of our times at school like a surprise mathematics test. He always had something funny to say.…show more content…
Yes. In fact we have to do something.” “About what?” I was confused. “About these refugees. African refugees.” There was a kind of intensity on his face that I had rarely seen him. “Listen Dave I think you are taking this a little too seriously.” I tried to laugh. But he looked at me so intently that my smile froze. “Ok Dave what do you think we should do? After all we are not leaders of the world. We are just tenth graders.” “ I know. Let us do whatever is possible at our level. I have a plan.” “Tell me about it.” “I am going to prepare a documentary based on the info that I got from the net about the plight of these refugees and I want our class to view that at school.” I was still not sure where he was getting. My confused look was obvious. “Listen we have been using the internet till now for our assignments and project reports. But now I propose to use it to bring about a change. A change in our attitude towards those who are less privileged.” “You mind translating that into English” I said unable to conceal the heavy sarcasm in my voice. I could see he was hurt but he was far from giving up. In fact my sarcasm kind of spurred him on. “That’s exactly what I want to change. You think that we cannot do anything about the troubles of others and that we are too young to make a difference. We use our age as an excuse to be silly and irresponsible. Let me tell you about this young girl called Malalah of Afghanistan who had the
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