Teenagers Against Hitler Summary

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The article Teens against Hitler by Lauren Tarshis , explains Ben's life and how it was fighting against Jews. It was in Germany for World War 2, there was a girl named Hitler that was in charge.Ben was fighting in the war and he had to keep his family safe as the well. The Jews were treated badly by all the other people that were fighting. A lot of people got killed if they did something wrong or not what they said to do. If they did anything wrong they could die or get killed. Ben was trying to keep his family safe and everyone else that he could.

Hitler is thinking of ideas for the annihilation for Europe's 10 million
Jewishes. She is trying to help the Jewish with the annihilation. Hitler tried to influence as many people as
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It took courage because if you had to be stuck in the ghetto for days you would starve.¨Warsaw ghetto for two days, sneaking in and out to steal food for his family. He considered taking his brothers back to the forest with him¨ (10) This takes courage because if he didn't have the courage to do that then his family could of starved. Even though he could of got caught he did it for his family and his life. Another thing that took courage from Ben always did things that could be dangerous and that are dangerous. According to the text it shows that ¨Ben volunteered for dangerous missions blowing up cargo trains carrying supplies to German troops¨ (10)This also takes courage because he could have died in the dangerous things that Ben did. He sacrificed his life for everything he did. Lastly, they were protecting the community from the German troops. In the text it states that ¨...after the Nazis murdered their family.The brothers fought German troops and ran sabotage missions,though their focus was protecting a community of around 1,200Jewish men,and children.¨ (9)If they didn't protect the Jews a lot of people could of died but it took courage to protect them because they could of got
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