Teenagers Autonomy

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The average college student calls their parents twice a day (Hofer 2). According to psychology professor Barbara Hofer, this statistic is not as heartwarming as it sounds. In her new york times article “A parent's role in the path to Adulthood,” Hofer claims this frequent contact is actually a sign of dependency, a sentiment echoed by university President John Mccardell jr. in his article, “Let them Drink at 18, With a Learners Permit.” Mccardell says “ If you infantilize someone, do not be surprised when in fantile behavior...results” (1). On the other hand, neuroscientist Sarah Jayne Blakemore warns parents that teens’ prefrontal cortex is still developing, leaving them moody and prone to take dangerous risk. However Blakemore adds that despite these challenges teen years are the optimal time for learning. Therefore, mature teens, that have a healthy relationship with their parents, should be able to exercise autonomy because they will learn to be independent, confident adults. Teenagers should have more freedom to be…show more content…
With freedom, they can date and learn how to become more social, responsible, and learn others people’s perspective (Blakemore). “Wise parents balanced being available to their teenage children with the understanding that the young needed to learn on their own. (Gallagher 3).” Young adults, or in this case teenagers should be able to learn and grow, so they can be a better person when they are older. For example, In the famous play Romeo and Juliet, Juliet didn't have much independence so she had to tell lies to her family. If Juliet had more freedom she properly wouldn't had been afraid to tell her parents about Romeo and they all could have avoided all the drama. Parents should also not spy on their kids either (Harlan 2). If they are always in the way their children will most likely not get to date anyone until they are adults, and they will not know what to
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