Teenagers Obsessed with Consumption Because of Media Advertisements and Other Influences

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Introduction Extensive research has recently been conducted concerning teenager consumer spending. The total number of teenagers in the United States was 25.6 million. In contrast to the population, the total teen spending was approximately $208.7 million annually. Premature affluence has increased dramatically in this generation. Teenagers have been overspending on materialistic products. This was also a cause of the increasing poverty and debt rates.The term “Premature Affluence” is a concept that describes when a group of people, especially teenagers, have more income than one can manage maturely (Piquero & Tibbets, 2002). The present research seeks to find factors that contribute to the mass amount of spending by adolescents in the …show more content…
Adolescents usually shop in groups, either with their friends or family members. Most of the time, teenagers have the urgency to ask for opinions about the product before purchasing it. From that moment on, the other person could easily influence the teenager’s future action. There were many factors that contribute to the effects of adolescent excess consumption and these were only a few (Mangleburg, Doney & Bristol, 2004).
Background Literature
Much research has been done on the topic of how teenage consumption is directly influenced by the media. It is hypothesized that in today’s society, teens were overly obsessed with consumption because of media advertisements and other influences.
A study done by Moschis & Mitchell (1986), found that the important agents that influenced adolescents’ consumer behaviors were family, television, and peers. The role models both related positively and negatively towards adolescents. The study stressed the importance of communication and interactions between family members and peers. Peers were highly influential because they mentioned the need for the product because of the popularity. Family members were also influential because they were the last people in which the teen gets advice from before purchasing the actual product. The study also explained that television advertisements exposed products to teens and persuade them to purchase it. Advertising messages were

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