Teenagers: Obsessed with Obsession

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Obsessed with Obsession As the child-like desire to be admired becomes a general consensus for modern day teens, the world begins to see the vein nature that is becoming of its future generation. Teenagers today care more for followers and favorites than true family and friends. Allowing their obsession to be obsessed about by others take over their lives, solely to get a temporary fix of attention in the form of 'favorites' by screaming out in a toddler like fashion 'Look at me daddy, look what I have done' through the obsessive taking and uploading of the 'selfie'. Wearing the universal uniform of fake tan and pushup bras or the mask of the pout and peace sign. Living from photo-to-photo, teens record every action in a day and uploading it instantly to Instagram or Snapchat; existing only as a virtual identity, caging themselves behind the bars of the filters of a simple photo. With the taking over of obsession looming large, there comes a point where the world must ask: 'How did this happen?' What happened to the generation that watched 'Deputy Dawg' in their tie-dyed clothes and knitted sweaters. What happened to the unforgetable generation of the Beatles and the truly enormous tidal wave of hysteria and tears they caused as they transformed popular culture in the Swinging Sixties and early seventies. How did this iconic generation deflate to a generation engulfed within self obsession and a culture of self gratification. A generation with icons such as George,

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