Teenagers Play Violent Role Playing Games In Brooklyn Private School

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There has been a lot of disagreements on teenagers play violent role playing games. Some people say it’s distracting for teenagers to play violent role playing games and some say it helps them. The assassin is a popular game that was developed in 2003 by Warren Gerstacker. It is now a popular game that is also played in Brooklyn Private School. If you ask me, I say it is good. Nicholas Kilstein stated “Students either became creative or was already creative because of assassin.” First of all, violent role playing games helps students in the future for jobs and colleges. Second of all, violent role playing games motivate and encourage students to work together. Lastly, violent role playing games help students learn smarts that aren’t taught in school. Teenagers should be able to play violent role playing games because it builds creativity.…show more content…
For instance, Nicholas Kilstein tells a story on how one of his friends who has previously built robots for the army made a homemade recording device to record a meeting about their game plan. He had made a device at home that he put in the gym bag of one of Nicholas Kilstein teammates. Some of the other jobs Nicholas Kilstein said his friends had were: A PHD in neuroscience, their own carpentry business, some artists, and some college professors. Nicholas Kilstein also said, most of his friends that had played assassin were happy & did pretty well in college. Most of the people that played assassin has a good job now and is happy. They used the creativity from which they learned or already had in assassin. With that creativity they were able to use that to help them in the
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