Teenagers Vs Teenagers

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Teenagers, who are mostly part of the gang, follow everything that gangs does. There are no differences between teenagers and adults, which show the power of the group in our society. There were a man and few people who were going to act for an experiment which, conducting a general knowledge survey. Except for one woman, other people were told to be acting out. When the man asked people some questions, which people might not know, they answered. A woman, who did not know the answer, said the same answer with others even though she didn’t know the answer she followed what other people answered. There was a big house with 12 people and 15 cameras that they do not know about it. The purpose of doing that was to see how grouping can affect people by splitting into two groups, which separated with A and B, who probably going to compete for each other very soon. The only thing different with them was just separated into two groups. That was the starting point of separation. After they were divided, they set with their own team, and they were showing differentiation, which was interested. Just for 3 hours of being in a group, their relationship each other had banished. To see the difference between being alone and being with the group, they set a camera in one room to exam how people react with the smoke from the kitchen. When there was one person alone, and when something happened to them, they tend to care and try to investigate the situation going on. A woman tried to
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