Teenagers and Cosmetic Surgery

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Since the year 2007, 1,339,229 cosmetic surgeries have been performed on the age group of 13-19. In a world where people are judged by their physical appearance, it is common for teenagers to be uncomfortable with their bodies. As a way of conforming to society’s image of physical perfection, more and more teenagers are turning to cosmetic surgery as a solution. The purpose for this paper is to make the problems of teenagers having cosmetic surgery, in order to physically change themselves to society’s standards, known. Teenagers should not be having cosmetic surgery because at this age the majority are too of them are too immature, it is avoiding the root of the problem which makes surgery seem like an attractive option, and it is not…show more content…
But why are these parents so eager to help change their children and why are their children so eager to change themselves? They claim that they are trying to be more comfortable with their bodies by being more like everybody else (Stossel). However the reason for which they desire a cosmetic procedure is too immature even for a graduate of high school, therefore plastic surgeons and the parents of these individuals should be discouraging them from having cosmetic surgery, instead of encouraging and supporting them. Teenagers hope that by changing a part of their body in order to fit in they will automatically become more popular among their peers. However, this is not the case. In fact rather than giving an overabundance of confidence, most often, cosmetic surgery only gives temporary confidence to the individual (Emerson Media). This shows the maturity in the decision making. In a survey conducted to see what percentage of 15 year old females were uncomfortable with their bodies, a range of 80% to 90% were uncomfortable. However, the survey switched and asked young women in college if they were uncomfortable with their body, Cowan 4 80% to 90% of those young women were comfortable with their bodies rather than being uncomfortable with them like the 15 year old girls (The Plastic Surgery Channel). Teenagers also tend to base their decision to have cosmetic surgery on the media’s influence (The
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