Teenagers and Short Text Messaging

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Text messaging is the most widely used data appliance in the world, with 2.4 billion users, or 74% of all mobile phone subscribers (Tedeschi, 2008). Market analysis reveals that consumers purchase phone applications readily because it is effortless to download an application onto their mobile phone and also since cash out of pocket is not required, it simply gets added to their phone bill. Teenagers represent the largest spectrum of these consumers, who are eager to show off the stunning features of their new phone to their peers. Parents typically pay the cost of their cell phone plans and typically are unaware of small charges made on the account. Most phone application downloads range from free demos to $9.99 pricing. As this venture is maintained via the internet and cell phone, little to no overhead is required. Most of the costs of goods sold are represented in the marketing of the product. With grant backing from the National Science Foundation, Venture Capital investors and built-in licensing fees paid direct; TravellingWave can expect a high profit margin with no initial investment required. This analysis will show how the VoicePredict product will be successful in market penetration. COMPANY DESCRIPTION TravellingWave develops software, using voice recognition technology, for entering text into mobile cellular devices. The technology combines voice recognition with keystrokes or touch gestures, to accelerate text input resulting in
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