Teenagers's Worst Fear Is Isolation

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A teens worst fear is isolation

Teenagers biggest fear is isolation because they feel that they ha

One of a teen’s worst fear is isolation because it makes them feel disconnected, with social media they go to place to connect with all the new things being disconnected would have a major impact on you, not being connected to people can impact your mental health because humans are social creatures and live communication and not talking to people is a great way to build up stress.

Isolation and lack of communication of others seem to be more concerning to teens these days due to social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat. And with everyone being connected by social media it seems hard to keep up with all the new things that happened with your friends or people you know. And according to some
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And I’m not saying I don’t agree with them I think that there’s a lot more to communication than phones and Instagram or Twitter. What communication means to me is that it’s essential to survive in this world. without communicating you would fall apart.
I like to be alone but not be lonely. Being lonely is one of the worst feelings, it’s like being stuck in this little box and can’t hear anyone but yourself. Being alone with nobody to talk to really builds up stress for me, and sometimes I think that I can get by myself but that just builds stress up from me. School and home life is stressful, but talking to someone and to vent to someone about all your problems is one of the best ways to relieve yourself from all that stress. Communication goes a long way. When I’m in a bad mood and someone makes an awful joke I can’t help but smile.
Communication is key for us. It builds friendship and trust, it helps guide us into living better and calms us down. That’s why communication is so very essential for
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