Teens And Parents About The Facts Of Teenage Pregnancy

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1. INTRODUCTION 1.1. AIMS The aim of this report is to inform teenagers and parents about the facts of teenage pregnancy, how it affects people and the options if it happens to them. 2. BACKGROUND 2.1. What is it? Teenage pregnancy, is pregnancy in girls under the age of 20 when the baby is born 2.2. How common is teenage pregnancy? There are not less teenage pregnancies than in the 1970s, most likely because of improvements in availability of contraception, sexual education and abortion. In 1971, teenage pregnancy was 55.5 births to 1000 teens, whereas, now, the pregnancy rate is 15.6 births to 1000 teens. 3 in 10 teenagers will get pregnant at least once before the age of 20, 25% of teen mums have a second child within 24 months of their first. 3. Causes of teenage pregnancy 3.1. Most common causes There are a lot of causes for teenage pregnancy, but the most common are: -Unstable housing arrangements -Living in out of home care -Broken families -Low self-esteem -Low level of sexual education -Lack of contraception -Drug and alcohol abuse -Sexual abuse or rape -Absent parents 3.2. Less common causes -Family history of teenage pregnancy -Peer pressure -Glamorization of pregnancy -Embarrassment of buying contraception -Replacing a loss -Welfare payments 4. Pregnancy options for teenagers Being pregnant while a teenager can be a scary thing but there are options if it happens to you. The four options are: -Parenting: have the baby and raise the child -Adoption: Have
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