Teens Are Socially At Risk Youth

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Many young teens in the United States are classified as at risk youth. At risk youth is those who are most at risk for engaging in risky activities. According to Girod, Martineau, and Zhao, “Nations teens have garnered much recent attention because of violence, drug and alcohol abuse, dropout rates, suicide, and gang activity most of our most prized commodity is in jeopardy” (Girod, M., Martineau, J., Zhao., 2004). These teens are most at risk because they are exposed to this behavior within their community. When teenagers are exposed at such a young age, they are more likely to engage in this behavior. Research shows that teens are having struggles in a culture that is designed to inspire risk taking and violence (Girod, M., et al, 2004). This shows that most teens are being raised in a culture in which these types of activities are common. In order to prevent this violence and risk taking from taking place, communities have to come together to help keep their youth safe.
Parents play a large role in this issue. Many parents work full time which means that they are not home when their teenagers come home from school. This leaves the teenagers to be home alone and to have no after school structure. Since parents are not home many children are free to do what they want after school which can lead them to engaging in risky behavior. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, youth that are between the ages of 12 and 17 are more likely to commit violent acts and

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