Essay about Teens Need Peer Pressure

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Raising kids in today is hard and can be very frightening. One of the biggest concerns and fears of parents is how their child will react to peer pressure when the children become teenagers. Parents have a lot of influence on their children and are able to teach them right from wrong. But as children become teenagers their friends seem to have more influence on them than the parents do. Should parents try to keep their kids from having to deal with peer pressure? No, because kids need some peer pressure to help them develop as individuals and peer pressure has both positive and negative affects on our kids. The key is to prepare kids to deal with the serious choices that come from peer pressure. There are things parents can do to help…show more content…
Don't be afraid to use discipline with your children. It just tells them you love them enough to say no. This will help your child develop the self-discipline to say no when they're approached by a negative peer group. When parents are too strict, though, it can push kids towards negative peer pressure. Teenagers feel they have the right to have their own opinion and that they need their freedom, and should be able to make some choices for themselves. Teenagers will challenge their parents' opinions and ideas. This is just part of your kids developing and growing into young adults. If parents are too strict and don't give their teenager these rights, then the teenager might turn to negative peer groups to try to have this freedom and to be able to express their own opinion and ideas about things. Getting your kid involved with positive peer groups outside of the family at a young age, like sports, girl/boy scouts, dances, birthday party's, etc., will help them prepare for the peer pressure they will have to deal with as a teenager. By getting your kid involved in these positive peer groups at a young age, it will help to build up their self-esteem and when they become teenagers they're more likely to hangout with positive peer groups. Parents also need to get involved with their kid's friends and school activities. Make their friends feel welcome around you and at your home and try
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