Essay Teens Problem of Texting and Driving

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Texting and driving is the act of reading, sending and typing text messages, e-mails or using online websites while operating a motor vehicle. Many people have viewed the practice and it is very dangerous. It has also been ruled as the cause of some motor accidents that have caused deaths. In some states texting and driving is illegal and/or restricted. Texting while driving had lead to increased distraction behind the wheel. In 2006, Liberty Mutual Insurance Group conducted a survey of more than 90 teens from for than 26 high schools nationwide. The results showed that 37% of students consider texting to be a big distraction while driving, taking a lot of focus off the road and things that surround you. Another study that was don’t…show more content…
No one was harmed from this texting while driving accident, Madison had her seatbelt on which saved her life. She learned her lesson and no longer texts while driving, it bothers her when she sees her friends doing it because they wont listen to how dangerous it is and Madison had to learn that the hard way. Reggie from Utah used to text and drive, that all changed with one tragic accident. Like most teens do, Reggie didn’t think texting while driving was a big deal. When Reggie was 19 his attitude about that changed forever. Reggie’s texting and driving caused a tragic accident. Two men got killed. “The hardest thing for me now is waking up every morning knowing I took two lives, one stupid message changed my life and the lives of many other people,” Reggie said. He had to spend 30 days in jail and he had to complete 200 hours of community service. Many people thought that his punishment wasn’t enough to teach him a lesson that what he did was/is wrong. Reggie’s accident changed Utah’s rules, they now have a law that treats people whom text while driving as harshly as those to drive drunk. Dr.Steinberg explains why teens feel like they need to text and drive, he said, “Its hard for teens to resist checking for messages, teens are so eager to fit in. They fear missing out, it takes real confidence in oneself to ‘unplug’.” “Unplugging is easier thank you
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