Essay about Teens Should not Be Scared to Be in a Relationship

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Teens shouldn’t be scared to be in a relationship because of a really bad break up that they once had. Teens should be more confident about the next person that might want to walk into their lives . In a article called ,”Am i in a healthy relationship?” It says sometimes its impossible to find someone right for you, but its good to keep looking for the perfect for you. Relationships should be based on trust and knowing that the both of yall are right for eachother . An yes of course you will have your ups and down , but in the end either one of ya’ll are going to forgive each other .
For example when people get into a relationship sometimes that relationship isn’t going to be the best . Either that person your with can be disrespectful of you or your things , or controlling of what you do like he/ she keeps telling you what to do all the time , and can even have abusive behavior . Abusive behavior is like domestic abuse which is hitting and fighting . Those can be all signs of an unhealthy relationship . Also those are the kind of relationships that people get in . The person that treats you different in those types of ways then he/she isn’t the one for you . For example , theres a girl and shes very sweet, nice, and respectful . Then theres a guy who doesn’t know what he wants in the future,and he’s just a bad guy . That girl ends up getting treated bad . She gets hurt and hurt , but she just doesn’t want to leave this guy because she got emotionally…