Teens Spending Too Much Time On Technology

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2,000 texts per day and 53 hours per week. That is how much time the average teenager spends on technology according to Are You A Screen Addict? by Kristin Lewis. Many may say it is just a part of life in 2016. But the truth is, teens spending too much time on technology and social media is a massive issue that is deteriorating health, weakening relationships, and taking away from the quality of life.
Everyone has heard parents lecturing their kids, telling them that “video games rot your brains.” Though that saying is a bit extreme, technology does have a largely negative effect on health , especially for teens. According to Is Technology Killing Our Friendships? by Lauren Tarshis, teens who spend more than sixteen hours online are more likely to become obese and get lower grades. Obesity can lead to heart disease, stroke, type two diabetes, and other harmful illnesses and diseases. Not only that, obesity can cause a drop in self esteem, as well as low grades, especially with teen peer pressure and social standards. This goes to show that excessive internet usage or technology time can not only lead to low physical health, but self esteem drops, too which goes hand-in-hand with mental health. Help Guide 's article titled Smartphone Addiction talks about “nomophobia” or otherwise known as Internet Addiction Disorder, which is common in today’s world. It says that internet addiction can cause an increase in loneliness, depression, anxiety, stress ADD, restless sleep, and…
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