Teens : The Use Of Drugs In The Teenage's Life

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Across the world, teens are tempted to use illegal drugs, which are disparate from the ones prescribed for the benefit of your health. When becoming a teenager, a sense of freedom is often acquired. Teenagers become independent individuals, whose actions leads towards their future. Drugs, a problem with teens, ultimately harms their life ahead, and the action could be required to prevent the usage of drugs among teens. A majority of teens claim the inducement of their usage of drugs is to feel the necessity to fit in with their surrounding environment. Drugs could also have a long term-impact on a teenager’s life with side effects of depression, lost senses, and diseases. Everybody has an equal chance of a precious life ahead of them to enjoy, but their actions will determine the result. As a teenager, a decision of using drugs should be considered with the severe consequences, and how it impacts their future life. In the adolescent stage of life, teenagers venture out to settle into a group of people, but these kids have bad influences on teenagers and they cause the youth may not make the best choices when drugged. Yet, that is not what matters, what matters is the fact that all the bad influence leads on to life changing matters such as drugs and alcohol. Not only do drugs have an effect on health, but it affects them mentally. Conditions such as depression can come around to suicidal thoughts. These drugs have become a colossal addiction. Narcotics like cocaine or

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