Teeth Bleaching Essay

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In the past only movie stars had blinding, white-teeth. Now, cosmetic dentistry has gone ordinary. Cosmetic dentistry has become a billion-dollar industry. As thousands of Americans sink their teeth into bleaching trays full of chemicals, consumers are left to wonder, Is this trend safe?
The first successful method of bleaching discolored teeth was created by Dr. James Truman in 1864. This consists substantially of liberating chlorine form chlorinated lime by the addition of a weak solution of acetic, tartaric, or oxalic acid. "One process is to saturate the entire canal and the pulp chamber with the acid before inserting the chlorinated lime: another is to dip the instrument in the weak solution of acid, and then in the lime, and pack
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Although teeth whitening methods may differ, the main goal is the same. First method: Laser Bleaching. Bleaching is one of the most popular and most effective alternatives. Laser bleaching is also the fastest and easiest procedures to have done by professional dentist in 90 min to two hours. Even though it’s the fastest process and has results immediately it’s not for everyone, because it can be quite complex and quite expensive. An in office treatments can range from 600 to 2,000 (Morris). This is done after a thorough cleaning the dentist applies a gel to the patient’s teeth and focuses a laser beam on the gel. A chemical reaction activates the bleaching process, which removes stains and discolorations from the teeth.
Second method: Bleaching with Custom Fitted Trays. This process is a DIY (do it yourself) at home. Meaning that this method is more affordable. Custom trays are molded to the teeth by the wax or plaster impression made from the mouth this creates soft plastic trays are made. The trays are filled with gel bleaching agent and fitted to the teeth. The trays must remain in place for about two hours to have whitening benefits. However, the tray method is much less expensive than in-office treatment range cost is 500 to 1,000 for self treatment (Morris). Even though less effective it does require you to keep repetition to assess progress. Last method: Whitening Strips. Use of flexible strips that have bleaching agent on
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