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KöR Whitening: Now Available at University Oaks Dental in Houston
An upcoming wedding, an important job interview, a special occasion, transforming a lifetime of embarrassment – there are many reasons why you want to whiten your teeth. At University Oaks Dental, teeth whitening is at the very core of our work as coloration is one of the first things people will notice about your teeth. We are committed to providing only the most-renowned and scientifically proven methods to improve smiles and change lives.
With that being said, are proud to announce we now offer clients the phenomenal and permanent KöR whitening solution! KöR Whitening has earned the reputation of being the world’s most effective teeth whitening system that is also cost-effective and treats any degree of discoloration. These premium
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Both systems whiten teeth dramatically, usually lightening teeth around 12 - 16 shades. The results are stunning!”
Spa-Like Treatment with our In-Office Whitening
Our goal at University Oaks Dental is to ensure you are as relaxed as possible and provide spa-like amenities that make you forget you’re even at a dentist. You can watch your favorite show with our virtual movie glasses and we will keep you comfortable with Advil and a comfortable neck pillow so you can relax while the whitening solution works on your smile. Personalized music is available upon request. After a short hour passes by – you will notice your teeth will be several shades whiter.
Professional Teeth Whitening in the Comfort of Home
Would you love to whiten your teeth and achieve that Hollywood-smile you’ve always wanted, but can’t seem to find the time or patience to have an in-office whitening treatment? We understand. At University Oaks Dental, we offer you the option to whiten your teeth at home by giving you the professional whitening trays and gel to
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