TeleGen Essay

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TeleGen and Global Case Study
Team development is a key for a success in any project venture. The skills mixture and cost are factor in team creation. TeleGen simulation focus on the functions of R&D, and revitalizing the R&D to improve a company’s situation, and to improve delivering switches to the company’s major clients. Moreover, motivation requires a sense of balance for communication, structures, and incentives. In the test case, there is motivation for Hewlett Packard and that is why they are around today.
Memo to TeleGen’s CEO
To: Richard Gehlen - CEO
From: Team A
CC: James Angleton-VPF, Margareth McLeod-VPHR, William
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After the simulation, the decisions made will turn TeleGen around, and revitalize the R&D functions of the company.
Memo to HP
To: Tommy Lau
From: Team A
CC: Frank Cloutier
Date: 9/15/2013
Re: Hewlett Packet Singapore Asian Language Printer
Situation Description
Hewlett Packard is looking to manufacture the company’s first Asian language printer. The company is looking to sell the printer in Asian markets including Japan, but there are significant risks involved with sell the printer in Japan. Japan’s market is already saturated with competition including Epson and Canon. Epson and Canon already off a desktop inkjet printer that is smaller in size than HP’s Deskjet printer. The Japanese culture also tends not to purchase from brands that are not well known in the Japanese market for fear the company may go out of business. Brand-recognition is important when entering the Japanese market.
Recommended Solution
The recommended solution for HP entering the Japanese market is two-fold. The company must first take the existing DeskJet product and innovate upon that technology to make a product that differentiates itself from the competition. According to Warsh (1995) “if you succeed in making people think you are better than the rest, you can earn somewhat higher margins than the supplier of so-called commodity goods and services -- because people will
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