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Assignment# 14 Payal Swami (000395494) Tarleton State University Question: In Chapters 11 and 13, you learned about the network design project for Klamath Paper Products. Develop a high-level project schedule for Klamath’s design project. Include the dates of completion for major design, testing, and implementation tasks. You may not know the exact nature of all the tasks or how long they will take, but based on what you have learned in this book, try to include realistic tasks and completion dates. Answer: Introduction: Klamath Paper Products Inc. is an organization which manufactures paper and packaging products. These products include office paper, news print carton and corrugated boxes. It has more than 15…show more content…
If the impact will be greater than the boundary condition than the changes will be send to the project sponsor for the review. If the changes are approved by the project sponsor than it will be forwarded to the project manager so that he/she can make changes to the resource, schedule etc. Change management plan: This will have the Klamath paper Products organizational change control. Step#1: identify the need of any change (can do any stakeholder) Step#2: Log change in change request form (project manager) Step#3: Evaluation of change (Project manager, Project Team) Step#4: submit change request to the change control board (CCB and project manager) Step#5: decision of CCB Step#6: Implement change (project manager) Communication Management Plan: Communication Type | Description | Frequency | Format | Participants | Deliverables | Owner | Weekly status report | Summary that what’s going on the project | Weekly | E mail | Project sponsor, Team and stakeholders | Status report | Project Manager | Weekly project meeting | Meeting to review the status and work done | Weekly | In Person | Project Team | Updated project plan | ProjectManager | Project monthly review | Matrix and status to the sponsor | Monthly | In Person | Project sponsor, whole team and stakeholders | Metrics and status representation | Project Manger | Project Gate Review | Closing phase
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