Telecommunication Industry: The Bond Between Loyalty of Customers

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have sharp vision and right business acumen do not take much time to embrace this fruitful technology. Satisfying the customers' need is the top priority of almost every organization. Fast paced technological growth is the main determinant of increased customers’ expectations from the marketers of products and services. Both internet and web enabled technologies complemented the CRM in a significant manner. The approach of research is to gauge the impact of the electronic customer relationship management required in the creation of commitment and the customer base retention in the sector of Iran mobile telecommunication. The main goal of the paper is to analyse how Ecrm effective factors as well as loyalty and retention factors go hand in…show more content…
in the accommodation industry, such as the telecommunication sector, such kind of strategies play an essential part in order to enhance the retention. In marketing, customer relations should be translated into availaing and loyal customers. Relationship marketing has aced to become the topmost strategic element of concern in the recent few years. it distributes basically a direct impact over the firm’s objective performance and also, it indicates that the vigour of the relationship marketing rides high when the relationships are inclined towards customers.

Relationship marketing in telecommunication accommodation industry makes for a consequential part because its nature is unique in this sector. It is a topic of discussion that frequency in the process of buying value in accommodation industries, for example, telecommunication sector. reports of Loyalty and Retention studies suggest that on an average, the cost to magnetize an incipient customer is more than what it takes to implement a retention strategy . Kelley, Gilbert, & Mannicom, 2003)[ 12]. Reichheld and Sasser (1990) found in their study of internet apparel market that the cost of customer acquisition is 20 to 40 percent more than preponderant than the
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