Telecommunication Technology: An Assignment

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Discuss the relationship between hardware and software? Both hardware and software must work together for the computer to work. To instantiate: the CD recorder and the CD are both pieces of hardware. The music on the CD, however, is software. In order to listen to the music, you need to record it on hardware the CD and play it on hardware, the recorder. A similar situation exists with the computer where the software system needs to be loaded into the computer before the computer is operated, but without the hardware the software will not be disseminated or heard. Some differences between the two (aside from the obvious ones) are that software is generally more expensive, unique, and inconsistent than hardware since information content (or music for instance) appear and reappear on the market. The same piece of hardware, however, stays. Similarly, it needs only one piece of hardware to feature the software, but you can feed multiple software into the hardware. 2) Discuss the types of telecommunications technologies? Starting with the telegraph, the modern age has produced a plethora of telecommunication technologies that include the computer, telephone, fax machine, cellular phone, radio, and television. Each has its unique character and advantages (as well, some may say, as disadvantages). To be classified as telecommunications technology, three specific characteristics are required: The information must be transmitted into a signal; the signal must be
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