Telecommunication and Network Technology Advancements

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Telecommunications and Net work Telecommunication and network technology advancements allow communicating rapidly with clients and co-workers almost anywhere in the world (Ambrose, 2005). According to Sachenko (2007), firms are getting internetworked enterprises that use the Internet, intranets, and alternative telecommunications networks to support e-business operations and collaboration among the enterprise, the customers, suppliers, and other business partners. Realizing the importance of a profound and comprehensive realization of the multiple aspects that facilitate and determine Electronic commerce (E-commerce), this assignment presents an explanatory theoretical understanding of a company that conducts e-commerce (buying and selling of goods / services over Internet). The conducted work will lead to identification of ways an individual would use the internet to support the business and how an intranet and an extranet can be used in an organisation. Finally, the assignment will present some of the issues an individual would face by using any of the fore mentioned networks. E-Commerce and Group Action Process Systems Most organisations these days have or are considering putting in business on the internet due to the manner in which firms interact with their suppliers, customers, government agencies and alternative business partners. Companies are deriving strategic business worth from the internet, which enables them to disperse information globally. These capabilities
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