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Introduction & History People imagine that telecommunications means communications using only electrical or electronic technology, but that isn't so. Telecommunication is communication over long distances, by means such as by newspapers, telephone, radio, satellite, television and the Internet. The idea of telecommunication first came from the telegraph. The word telegraphy comes from Greek. "Tele" means distant and "graphein" to write. So the meaning is writing at a distance The first form of modern telecommunication - the electric telegraph - sent electrical currents along wires. On 24 May 1844, Samuel Morse sent his first public message over a telegraph line between Washington and Baltimore, and through that…show more content…
At a single bound, telecommunications - first telegraphy, then telephony - could be extended across oceans and around the world. A signal sent from a wireless transmitter could be picked up by any number of receivers - provided they were listening, and in range. The late 1960s saw the start of the move from the old mechanical exchanges with their noisy banks of selectors, switch arms and electromagnets, to the electronic exchanges of the future - silent, compact and far more capable. In the process something else was created - switching that had logic and memory, i.e. that could be programmed and had memory. Machine intelligence had arrived on the telephone network hence the beginning of the Internet The introduction of mobile phones took over half a century. The introduction of radiotelephony in the 1920s made it theoretically possible for people to talk on the move. However, effective deployment had to wait for the development of computers to allow networks to be created and miniaturization to make the devices small enough to be really mobile. When true mobile telephony finally arrived in the early 1980s it was a revolution - for the first time telecommunications really was person-to-person rather than just place-to-place. In 1991, Jamaica was one of the few countries having a 100% digital telephone network. By 2002 Jamaica had one of the most sophisticated telecommunications infrastructures in the world. Technologies Involved & Their

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