Telecommunications And Public Relations : Dental Office

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Assignment 1
Telecommunications and Public Relations
Dental office is also a business, where the dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and other employees contribute to provide dental care to patients. What makes a dental office successful and competitive in the dental economic? What do employers do to attract patients to their offices? To answer these questions, I had to look for a dental office, and I have learnt new strategies about how to marketing a business like dental practice. Midtown Dental Center in Atlanta was the place that I coincidentally visited and had an interview with the office manager. Along with the Internet and network connection, it is a huge advantage for them to advertise broadly to public.
There are many strategies to marketing a business, however the first impression is the most important to attract potential clients. Midtown Dental Center is located at Midtown shopping plaza with surrounding places such as Whole Food, Home Depot, Starbucks, and other restaurants. It is a favorable location, which is considered a good investment for any business to start off. Inside the office, there are no overwhelming decorations on the wall, but the appearance of the office gives a warm, clean, and professional feeling with brochures about the treatments rendered, oral hygiene instructions, new treatments, or new technology. The receptionist was friendly and kind to arrange the available date for me to do the interview. She presented a caring…

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