Telecommunications Industry Essay

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The telecommunications field is a vast field that contains terms and acronyms which can be confusing to those who are not familiar with the terminology. Therefore, the following paragraphs will compare and explain some common terms used when referring to the telecommunications field and will entail some old technology with some new. To be included within the discussion is comparisons of telephone dialing sounds, Wide Area Telecommunications Services (WATS) versus leased lines, Private Branch Exchanges (PBX) or Centrex, and the International Organization for Standardization-Open Systems Interconnection (ISO-OSI) model. What are the differences between Rotary and Dual Tone Multi-frequency (DTMF)? Rotary dialed phones were round and…show more content…
Furthermore the WATS system usually comes with a discounted price for its use due to the expected large volume of calls (Shired, n.d.). Leased lines are different from WATS in the sense that they are borrowed lines and are used only by those who have leased the lines. What this means is that the line is open for use by the leaser anytime the leaser needs the line to communicate with. Additionally, the phone company does not use the line that is leased to conduct other phone services on and leaves the line "open" for the leasing company only to use for communication (Mitchell, 2008). On the other hand, a WATS line is used repeatedly by the phone company while still being used by the client who pays for the WATS. How do Private Branch eXchange (PBX) and Centrex differ? A PBX is a company centered switching network for in-house calling. The company would typically have a few dozen phones within the network and each with a need to be able to complete in-house and outside phone calls. With a PBX an employee could call another office within the company by simply dialing a few digit phone extensions rather than a full phone number. Additionally, when these types of calls are made it does not interfere with outside phone lines or take up any of the space of outside phone lines. All the phone lines are maintained within the company itself with just a few lines to connect to the outside
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