Telecommunications in the Hospital Setting

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Telecommunications in the Hospital Setting Introduction: Innovations in technology can have a direct impact on our collective way of life. Indeed, the most compelling of technology innovations are those that can be used to improve the quality of human life. This is especially the case in fields such as healthcare and medicine. Fundamental to the functionality of modern society and yet plagued by critical needs and problematic realities, these are areas in which emerging technologies already coming into market readiness may be pushed into practice by virtue of their paired economic viability and social responsibility. So is this the case with telecommunications in healthcare, an area in which we are gradually verging on solutions for many of the geographical, physical and financial obstacles that have limited are ability to treat patients. According to Lin, (1999), "telemedicine enables a physician or specialist at one site to deliver health care, diagnose patients, give intra-operative assistance, provide therapy, or consult with another physician or paramedical personnel at a remote site. Thus, the aim of telemedicine is to provide expert-based health care to understaffed remote sites and to provide advanced emergency care through modern telecommunication and information technologies." (p. 28) Especially in hospital settings, these technologies have the capacity to reduce the expenditure of resource and labor during the treatment process. These features make the
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