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Speaking Notes

Title: Telecommuting – Working from Home
Name: Leigh Ann Anderson
Purpose: To persuade the audience how telecommuting is beneficial to them and try to convince them to consider it for their jobs.

I. Introduction a. Imagine an alarm going off, waking you from a deep sleep. It’s 8 am on a Monday morning and, after much reluctance, you stumble out of bed, take a shower, brush your teeth, and trudge to your kitchen for your morning cup of coffee. Realizing it’s time to head off to work, you start your car and start making your way onto the interstate, only to be slowed down by a mile long stretch of heavy traffic. Looks like you might just be late for work and have to hear a long rant about it from your boss.
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b. List productivity improvements and projected cost savings that the company may experience 8. Be flexible c. Most companies will require you to come into the office sometimes so make yourself available when needed vii. Other tips to keep in mind include: 9. Keeping a log of what you accomplish – your company will require a progress report especially if they become skeptical of your productivity at home and it shows that you are engaged with your work 10. Don’t dress sloppy – although it is attractive to work in your pajamas, dressing as you normally would for your job is recommended. d. In a section titled “5 things not to do while telecommuting” written by James Kendrick and published on on July 13, 2013, dressing as you normally would for your job sets a more formal work ethic and has shown employees to stay motivated. e. Also, many employers use Skype or similar programs to keep in touch with their “off base” employees. Looking professional will help cover your back if your employer decides to unexpectedly check in with you. 11. Make yourself available as often as possible during the work day – especially if your company keeps in contact with you or you need to communicate with team members or other employees

III. Conclusion

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