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TELECOMMUTING I. INTRODUCTION My name is Diana Snyder, I am a Graduate Student at the Keller University School of Management with emphasis in Human Resources Management. Because of the slow economy management want to institute telecommuting and my presentation will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of telecommuting All of us some time or another have had the desire to stay at home and work. I would like to know who would be interested in staying home and working in order to save. I know I would love that because at home has advantages like spending time with my family and being my own boss. Furthermore, this is advantageous for the employer as it can boost the company’s productivity. By the end of his presentation you will know…show more content…
LESS STRESS Employees are also less stressed out when they do not have to take those long commutes, which gives them greater balance with work and life and eases the strain on their pocket books. Opportunity for sharing quality time with family, promoting family values and developing stronger family ties. FLEXIBILITY Employees can work part time or full time which allows for more comfort and convenience. Which often enables an employee to keep his/her day job and add on a second job. X. Advantages for Employer Energy Conservation. The company will save on heating, cooling and lighting. The lesser employees that are in the building the lesser the energy consumption will be. By telecommuting to work instead of using the traditional methods, companies have a great potential to save energy. Three major areas where energy can be conserved are: Vehicle-related material and resources Highway-related material and resources and Office-related material and resources Happier employees promotes greater productivity Telecommuting enhances productivity. Instead of wasting time and energy going to and from work; an employee can have more time to do their work from home and avoid being interrupted constantly with traditional office setting. Flexibility Employers can give their employees the option of working from home between 3 to 5 days a week causing them to be able to save. For example, Deloitt LLP offers most of its 45,000 employees the option of telecommuting as many as 5

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