Telecommuting: the New Way of Jobs in the Next Ten Years

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Telecommuting: The New Way of Jobs in the Next Ten Years PHI210 – Critical Thinking March 11, 2012 Telecommuting will be the new way that jobs are performed in the next ten years. Telecommuting can be defined as working from a remote location, usually a home office, by electronically linking to a company. Allowing employees the option of telecommuting whether one or more days is an opportunity that most employees would take advantage. The origins of people telecommuting date as far back as the 19th century. The first person known to work from home or at a remote work site was a Boston Bank President. This Bank President was able to work from home by having a phone line strung from his office…show more content…
Realistically, the main reason many work, in general, is to earn a living or a paycheck. Therefore, if hard work was the reward for those who work hard then many would just work for free, not looking for the paycheck which is given. Companies should give their employees substantial motivation for them to work harder. The premise of telecommuting involves giving employees the opportunity to telecommute and work from home allowing for savings in overhead. Employers who give their employees the opportunity to telecommute will give employees ease in a comfortable working environment. Employees allowed to telecommute will have increased family time making for happy employees. Happy employees make productive companies. Federal and government agencies have taken a particular interest in telecommuting if for nothing but its benefits. Some of the areas in which the Federal Government will benefit include recruiting, managing long commutes, reducing traffic congestion and saving taxpayers’ dollars. Federal and Government agencies aim to recruit and retain the best possible workforce, predominantly with newer employees who have high expectations of a technologically forward-thinking workplace and for new workers who value a work and life balance. The Government has programs that will help employees manage long commutes and other work and life issues that, if not dealt with, can have a negative impact on their effectiveness or lead to

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