Telecomunication Management Network and Network Management Software

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What is FCAPS? FCAPS is a telecommunication management network and network management software (NMS). FCAPS is an acronym that stands for its five network management categories. F stands for Fault Management, C stands for Configuration Management, A stands for Accounting, P stands Performance management, and S stands for Security Management.
When it comes to Networking and providing internet as a service, availability and performance are required. With FCAPS model of NMS, this ensures that the uptime and performance are always giving their full potential. FCAPS set the requirement of how their network should be modeled after. The networks downtime must be put to a minimum to ensure an avoidance of revenue loss. If the network is down, work can’t be done, revenue will be loss, and companies will be in trouble.
There are five management categories that make up the FCAPS. The first is Fault Management. Fault Management’s role is to identify, quarantine, and correct network log faults. The network faults can be monitored and observed by looking for abnormal behavior. If and when a fault occurs on the network, a component within the network sends a notification or an alarm to the network administrator or engineer by using a protocol called SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). SNMP collects the fault information and sends it to the console server. Information on Fault logs can be used statistically to determine the service level of network elements. The information used…