Telehabilitation Paper

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Research conducted into telehealth demonstrates conflicting evidence of its viability as a form of practice. Dreyer N., Dreyer K., Shaw and Wittman (2001) suggest for telerehabilitation to be a viable alternate it needs to be executed with a high-bandwidth system producing adequate video quality for therapists viewing smaller motor movements. This recent study declared a lack of research into the equipment used in executing telerehabilitation for long-term use. Further research on specific evaluation tools, equipment and long-term system use needs to be conducted (Dreyer et al, 2001). The tele-practice roleplay highlighted, how a strong connection is vital to executing an alternate to face-to-face practice. Posing to be a limitation for rural areas where access to high-bandwidth isn’t accessible. Consideration of the equipment used to execute…show more content…
Advancements in technology and knowledge of telerehabilitation means physicians can measure performances in real time, this changed attitudes among physicians towards telerehabilitation (Theodoros & Russell, 2008). A study conducted on the rehabilitation of stroke victims compared treatment in clinical setting versus telerehabilitation. The findings suggest the patients receiving care at home were more driven to express and work for their goals, showing more initiative than patients treated in a hospital (Von Koch, Wottich, Holmquist, 1998 cited in McCue et al, 2010). As expressed, telehealth is a viable alternative to face-to-face treatment with patients seeing functional improvements in well-being. Moreover, telehealth will never replace face-to-face treatment, it will coexist with clinical practice to achieve a prominent level of care for
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