Telemedicine And Telemedicine Health Care Services

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With healthcare ever changing and technology expanding at a rapid pace patients are able to experience new opportunities in health care services. Telemedicine transmits vital health care information by way of telecommunication and information technology to the health care recipients in distant areas from medical clinics and hospitals. Telemedicine is promoted and is gaining support for its ability to improve accessibility to health care with lower cost and easier accessibility to gain quality medical services. Both telemedicine and telehealth are two areas that are developing and viewed as progressively attractive tools in the health care field. In the technologies of telehealth and telemedicine health care services are provided by medical professionals who specialize in a situation where the location is the primary factor; by using information technology, they can receive vital input about a patient’s medical condition from specialists (Wade, Karnon, Elshaug, & Hiller, 2010). Telemedicine gives the opportunity for sharing medical knowledge between nurse and technician, specialist and medical doctors, and sub-specialist and specialists. Information technology encourages teamwork among health care professionals and different locations through telecommunications. Telecommunications is offering a solution to the need for knowledge sharing among health care professionals. This paper will address the usefulness of telemedicine in neurology, pain management, hospitals, clinics,
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