Telemedicine Is The Most Newest Technology

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Telemedicine is a new technology in which medical information are being exchanged from one place to another through some electronic communications to develop patients the status of a patient health. Telemedicine is the most newest technology which join at the same time telecommunication and technology for the solution of medical [1]. It gives a new technique to deduce health care services when there are many miles between the hospital office or doctor and patient. Rural area will get the advantages from this application. Controlling patients one of the new technology, this always requires enhancement to make it better. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines telemedicine as: The carry out of medical care using intervention of visual and audio, communication of information with medical care deduce, treatment, diagnosis and consultation, as fine as education and transmitting of medical data. Another, Bauer and Ringel explains telemedicine as: Telemedicine is the collective use of telecommunications and workstation technologies to improve the proficiency and success of health care service by liberating caregivers from traditional limits of time and place by empowering clients to make informed choices. The advantage of the method of controlling sick people is that it can reduce the possibility of infection and other difficulties so as to make the sick person at ease. In addition, implement of monitoring patients in hospitals might cut off the costs in terms of installation

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