Telemedicine Is The Practice Of Medicine

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1. INTRODUCTION Telemedicine is the practice of medicine in relation to clinical care where medical information is transferred through technological means for the purpose of consulting or conducting medical examinations and procedures from two different locations. Technological means can be as uncomplicated as a phone call between two specialists or more complex with the use of satellite technology to enable equipment for video conferencing, transmission of images and monitoring of vital signs. There is a distinction between telemedicine and telehealth, telehealth is a broader term that does not always refer to clinical services but may also include patient portals, continuing medical education, and nursing call centers. Some form of…show more content…
1.1.1. Real-Time Telemedicine Real time telemedicine requires a real-time communication link that provides an immediate connection between two different parties, often it’s to replace face to face appointments. There are various medical specialties that utilize this medium, pharmaceutical services can be offered over the phone or online depending on regulations and patients in rehabilitation programs have access to specialists who can assess their progress usually via webcam and recommend the best therapy options. There are a lot of advancements in this area with specialists being able to utilize medical equipment remotely with the assistance of peripheral devices such as a teleotoscope which allows a specialist to see the inside a patient’s ear. These services improve healthcare accessibility for all patients, particularly those living in areas with limited local health professionals. Additionally, they offer reduced cost in comparison to traditional in-person appointments. 1.1.2. Store-and-forward Telemedicine This type of telemedicine is most common with specialties like radiology and pathology where medical data is acquired such as x-rays and biopsies and then transmitted for specialized observation and diagnosis. The transmission may be via email and both parties do not have to be present at the same time. With the proper structure in place, this method saves time and allow medical personnel to better serve the public. A possible complication with
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