Telemedicine Use In The Emergency Room Essay

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Telemedicine is now prevalent in most hospital emergency rooms, therefore the hospital wants to ensure proper training and use of the telemedicine equipment. The hospital has noted nominal use of the telemedicine equipment even though there has been a rise in neurology admissions through the emergency room. The hospital understands that simply providing telemedicine equipment in the emergency room does not necessarily guarantee proper use. There are concerns that the equipment may not be used due to emergency room personnel feeling uncomfortable and unfamiliar with the telemedicine equipment. The objective of this policy is to address the continuing education and training on the telemedicine equipment by emergency room personnel for…show more content…
Telemedicine is definitely a value added benefit to the healthcare delivery system. A successful telemedicine application should produce high quality care at low cost in comparison with an alternative. (Zanaboni,P., & Wootton, R. 2012). Telemedicine is the use of bidirectional audio/video equipment to provide synchronous or asynchronous communication. Employing the use of the telemedicine equipment for a patient consultation is based on the right patient at the right time and it has the ability to drastically change a patient’s outcome. It is with this understanding that the choice to consult with a neurologist by way of the telemedicine equipment is the decision of the emergency room physician. It is the emergency room physician’s responsibility to initiate the neurology consultation by way of a phone call to the neurology group on call. The neurology group is contracted and identified through the hospital and may or may not be located in the city or state of the consulting hospital. The decision to consult a neurologist then translates into a telemedicine consult.
It is the clinical nurse’s responsibility to retrieve the telemedicine cart and deliver the cart to the patient’s bedside. The clinical nurse will be sure the battery has a full charge, if not, the nurse will plug the telemedicine cart into a wall outlet. Utilizing the
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