Essay on Telenursing: Nursing and Home Health

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Telenursing…the Future Is Now
Trishana Mcintosh
Chamberlain University

Telenursing…The Future Is Now

“…. 45 percent of patients prefer phone communication while 49 percent prefer email communication. (Study Reveals Personalizd, Virtual Messages Are Key To Patient Engagement)” Telehealth encompasses preventive, promotive and curative aspects of healthcare in efforts to assist patients in maintaining their maximum levels of health and wellness. Telenursing more specifically is the use of telephone communications to provide nursing care to patients. This is what Manual will be doing if he decides to accept the position of telenurse specialist at the home health agency. Instead of the
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The promotion and use of telenursing can be beneficial to hospitals and other healthcare organizations because “The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provides billions of dollars in stimulus funding for research, operations, and grants in the telemedicine, telehealth and informatics sector. (Hebda & Czar, 2013)”
There are however many adversities and uncertainties revolving telehealth and telenursing. Issues related to licensure and reimbursements are two of the major setbacks in telehealth. Medicaid does not recognize telehealth as a specific medical service and leaves reimbursement options up to individual states to define reimbursement options. Some states mandate that private insurances cover teleheatlh services but most others are left to the discretion of the insurance company. Specialized technologists who have to be specifically trained in health care technologies will need to be employed around the clock for possible issues that may arise on either the provider or patient end. Many uncertainties come from liability concerns. Patients tend to feel that they have been cheated out of a fair visit because no provider provided hands on care to them during their visit. Providers as well may be uncomfortable with the idea of treating patients without face-to-face contact. Nurses face issues of liability when information given via telephone or teleconferences is misinterpreted by the patient and

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