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Telenursing…the Future Is Now Naomi Hurst Chamberlain College of Nursing NR361: Information Systems in Healthcare September 2014 Telenursing…the Future Is Now Telemedicine, the term initially used to describe the delivery of healthcare services from a distance through the use technology, began as early as the 1920’s when Doctors would utilize radio to diagnose patients and give recommendations. In the 1960’s, with the advancements into aerospace, the term “telemedicine” was vastly replaced with the term “telehealth” as astronauts began to transmit crew members’ psychological reports back to physicians on earth. Telehealth encompasses the use of many applications such as videoconferencing, store and forward imaging…show more content…
Call centers are set up with experienced nurses that are able to, through nursing informatics, assess patients, supervise procedures, provide basic consultation and education, monitor chronic conditions, and facilitate collaboration among clinicians (Stokowski, 2008). Recently studies have been conducted to identify how effective telehealth can be and identify areas of improvement. One study conducted by the IOM (2012) “showed that teleradiology reduced transport for head injuries out of rural areas and that the availability of teleconsultation with radiologist significantly affected diagnosis and treatment plans.” For example, if: a patient calls 911 with a possible TBI that occurred from falling off building during a construction job. EMS arrives to the small local hospital with the patient afterhours for immediate MRI. No radiologists are available to read the MRI, so it is sent out to a teleradiologist who immediately reads the MRI and returns a report. The surgical team is called and treatment is started. Without teleradiology the patient would have had to travel to the nearest trauma center 3 hours away and treatment would have been delayed. Telenursing, and telehealth overall, provide improved quality of care through Team-based patient centered care. The IOM defines

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