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Telepathy I started out by asking my uncle to step into the quietest room in the house. I also asked that everyone else in the house try to stay as quiet as possible. In order to try and achieve what needed to be achieved I needed complete silence. I also didn’t want him knowing what I was doing so that way I could know if what I was doing was real. So he had no reason to be influenced. Before hand, I had set up two chairs in the room facing back to back. I didn’t know why having the chairs facing back to back would help but I felt it to be necessary. Before we got seated I started out by asking simple questions like “How was your day?” and “How are you feeling?” in an attempt to build a better rapport for the experiment to come. I then…show more content…
in any aspect. I can’t say that I am a believer but I can say that one day I may come across something that makes me a believer and not just a
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