Telephone Wires: Love Story of Carlos and Ruby

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She was chubbier then, but her eyes always caught anyone’s attention—they were a forest green—that and the fact that she looked as innocent as a baby. But in that moment that he saw her…well he had no words to how beautiful she looked.

She wore a hi-low dress, the top was black, but the rest was a lovely shade of wine. Her high heels were a simple black. Her legs were long enough, the high heels added about another inch to her. She cocked her head to the side and smiled at Carlos.

“Do I look good?” She asked.

Of course you do, darling! He wanted to say.

“You look good, Ruby.” He answered instead. He stepped back and showed her his own outfit. She pursed her ruby red lips.

Always thought he was a cutie when he’d dress so nicely, she thought to herself.

“You clean up so nicely, Carls.” She smiled. He offered his arm and she took it as they made their way off the porch. They were not each other’s dates; they were just going to meet them up at prom. It was their last year of high school, and they had been friends since middle school.

At first Carlos hated Ruby; she was the token goth girl that no one really seemed to like talking to. Ruby didn’t give much of a hoot, but as the years progressed she didn’t like being the pariah. She traded in her black lipstick for red, and her gothic attire for a more relaxed kind of vibe.

Ruby hated Carlos just as much as he had hated her. He was the epitome of annoying and way…

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