Telephones And Their Impact On American Society

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Telephones and their Impact on American Society

Communicating with others has always been important. There have been different forms of communication over the many years like messenger's, letters, telegraphs, and even radios. With all those ways of connecting to others, none have been good or effective enough to reach out to the people one would wish to talk to. Our society has changed in a huge way and part of the reason for that change is the telephone, and as we progress throughout the years technology becomes even more developed and more influential to our society.

When and where the telephone was invented

The idea of the telephone came along sooner than the real world made it out to be. Antonio Meucci was credited with inventing the first basic phone, Alexander Graham Bell constructed the first telephone and in 1876 and he
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Amazingly, changes around telephone technology have been more prevalent than to the changes in basic technology itself. Phones now have circuit boards and various electronics that take place of rotary dials, the microphone and receiver may be made of the same membrane-carbon-electromagnet assembly like they have been made for years, or they may create the variance in electric current some other way. But there is always a membrane which vibrates due to the sound of your voice and electric current varying because of it and the current may be converted to an FM radio signal before being broadcast to your phone but it is still the same variance that carries your voice. Before, the human voice couldn’t create enough power to make telephones practical, a call from only a few miles away would be impossible even with stronger magnets. In 1877, Thomas Edison designed a new designed and patented transmitter that could easily utilize the special property of carbon and a call with a much greater distance and
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