Essay about Telescopes in Astronomy

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Telescopes in Astronomy
Once upon a time, we believed the Earth was at the center of our universe. We were seriously mistaken. We have come to find that at the center of most galaxies is a giant black hole that keeps everything together. With the use of telescopes, we have made it possible to see the “impossible”. We are able to see the geographic landscape of distant planets and moons. Telescopes have made it possible to measure the speed of light, understand gravity, and grasp other laws of physics. Will the innovation of telescopes, we can detect stars by studying the heat and what kind of radioactive rays they emit. It is exciting to think of how our knowledge of the heavens will be greatened in the future with the development of
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Optical and infrared telescope need to be in warm, high areas to be most effective. High altitude is key, to avoid local weather and atmospheric activities. Building telescopes in on the west coast in also popular to avoid pollutants in the air. Radio telescopes are most effective in low valleys. These valleys help block radio rays from outside sources. Radio frequency interference continues to become an arising problem with these kinds of telescopes. More of these telescopes will be built in less populated areas (such as Australia) in order to insure efficiency.
Telescopes in space are an essential resource for detecting ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma rays for our research. With telescopes in space, we avoid atmospheric issues and get clearer images from space. Unfortunately, these telescopes cost a lot of money. Their lifespan is also affected depending on how much fuel the telescopes can carry. There is also a great risk when launching these telescopes. Many of these missions have failed at the launch point. Once in space, these telescopes can be damaged from debris in space, solar flares, or even cosmic rays. Size is also an issue. It takes certain elements to make sure that these telescopes and their mirrors don’t warp when in space. This turns out to be yet another expensive factor. Maintenance and upgrades are usually pretty simple for ground level telescopes. When it comes to the one’s in space, it is nearly impossible to maintain

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