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Teletubbies Who (or what) are the "Teletubbies?" Many people are familiar with this relatively new cultural phenomenon, but for those who are not, they are rather hard to describe. They appear on a PBS television program designed for toddlers. One newspaper writer has described them as "four roly-poly futuristic rugrats." They are brightly colored, alien-like technological babies, complete with baby talk and giggles. They live in a hilly, pastoral land, full of flowers and bunnies and sunshine, as well as technological gadgets, such as their caretaker/vacuum cleaner named Noo-Noo. They each have their own personalities and favorite toys, and they have taken America, as well as much of the world, by storm. PBS contends…show more content…
I knew this was an issue worth investigating when one of my college professors said, "I heard Tinky Winky (one of the teletubbies) is gay." This issue has been discussed on the Internet and in many newspapers. In the Reverend Jerry Falwell's National Liberty Journal, an editorial claimed that Tinky Winky, who is purple, carries a red bag/purse, and has an inverted triangle on his head, is gay. Diana Butler Bass, in an article for the New York Times, stated that she and her husband, as well as many other parents also noticed that Tinky Winky "bends gender." I watched three "Teletubbies" episodes in a row to get to the bottom of this controversy. While this does not make me an expert, I have to say that the red purse only appeared (on Tinky Winky's arm) for about 30 seconds while all four teletubbies were dancing around. This was in the 3rd episode that I watched. Tinky Winky, although he is the biggest and seemingly oldest of the 'tubbies, is surely less than 4 years old, because I know 3-year-olds that can talk better and have better coordination. What does a 2-4 year old know about being gay? My son is 2 years old, and he once tried to put on one of my bras. Am I afraid that he may be gay? Of course not. Tinky Winky's red purse (which is also supposed to be magic),
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