Television And Its Effect On The World Essay

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The way we are using television today is amazing. We can stay aware of what 's happening on the other side of the world. There will always be something on T.V no matter what mood you 're in. For example, there are cooking shows, scary movies, sad movies, funny shows and etc. The amount of money that made for television is insane. From commercials being thousands of dollars to shows costing millions to air. It wasn 't something people back in the 1900s thought was ever possible. The way people would communicate was through the radio, but the radio could only do so much. People often aren 't aware of who truly made television. He is quit often forgetting because of many different people who contributed in making different types of television. Philio Farnsworth was one of the first to ever make electric television. This invention changed the world, I believe in good and bad ways. Television gives off these images of how we 're suppose to look like or even think. News that is shown aren 't always quite true. More television is consumed than reading a book. Televioson has a big a pact on society today.
Philio Farnsworth didn’t make the first television, but he made the first electronic transmission of television. The televisions before Farnsworth was mechanical type. Since there were other types of television, people weren 't buying his invention. Farnsworth spend a lot of his time in court. The reason why he would be in and out of court was because he was trying to defend…
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