Television And Its Effects On Children

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Television is everywhere these days, not just in our living rooms but in bathrooms, kitchens, doctor 's offices, grocery stores, airplanes, and classrooms. We have access to TV virtually anywhere and as American 's we are taking advantage of it. Adults aren 't the only ones watching TV; children today are watching more TV than ever before. TV has even become known as "America 's baby-sitter." (Krieg). Meaning that parents are now using the television as a way of entertaining their children while they attempt to accomplish other things such as cooking and cleaning. Most American 's would agree that children watch a lot of TV. It 's common to see a child sitting in front of the TV on a Saturday morning with their Coco Pebbles watching their favorite superhero. This sounds harmless enough. However, many parents and teachers across the country are worried about the cartoons their children are watching. They feel that the cartoons have become too violent and are having negative long-term effects on children. It is common to see young boys pretending to shoot one another, while jumping on the couch and hiding in closets as a sort of make-believe fort. But parents say that children are learning these behaviors from cartoons and imitating them. Others however, disagree, they say that violence in cartoons does not effect children and that children need this world of fantasy in their lives. They say that children would show these same behaviors regardless of the content of the
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